Friday, February 23, 2018

Light makes all the difference

I shot this photo yesterday while I was walking my dogs. 

We’ve gotten a good amount of snow for the Northwest, but the sun came out today and melted much of it away. 

At least, it melted what it touched. 

The snow on other side of the street that had been in the shadows all day still remained.

Both sides experienced the same cold temperatures today, but only the side that was touched directly by light melted.

How can I see this and not go straight to analogy land?

I read once that the whole purpose of this life is to collect light. I believe that.

It starts with the light of Christ and builds up there, adding more light through covenants and obedience and faith.

His light can change us, free us from the things that make and maybe even keep our hearts cold.

It can warm us, direct us, change us, and give us exactly what we need if we allow it to.

I hope you let the Son shine on you today. 

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