Sunday, October 30, 2016

A day with God

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I had a blast at my writers retreat, but there's nothing much better than coming home.

I taught a lesson in church a few weeks ago about our commitment to God. We shared ideas on how to come closer to Him. I offered a little trick I used a few years ago that worked remarkably well.

One day I put a penny in my shoe. Every time I felt the penny, I said a prayer to God. I prayed at a stoplight, in my house, at the store, at my kids' school. I was aprayin' all day!

That night when I knelt down to say my evening prayers, in which I normally talk to God about my day, I started to tell Him all that had happened, but found myself stopping each time and saying, "Oh, you know that. You were there."

God is always with us, I believe that. But, when I purposefully turned my attention to Him throughout the day, I never felt alone.

And, in the end, I felt closer to Him.

Try it today! Put a penny in your shoe, then spend the day with God. And if you'd like, come back and share with us here how it was for you!

Have a great day in (and with) Him, my friends!
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