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My kid hates me, and that's ok

So, this perfect mom thing. The other day I released my e-booklet, THE PERFECT MOM, about how we aren't perfect but we are perfect for our kids.

I want you to know that I really believe it.

Even today.

The day my thirteen-year-old hates me.

And honestly, right now, I'm not a fan of her either.

I had a talk with God today. More like, I talked at Him and gave Him my thoughts on everything (and perhaps complained a bit. Okay, a lot.) He didn't say much back. In part, I'm sure, because I didn't give Him time to. And, I'm sure, I wasn't in the right mood for answers.

But, here's my take away anyway.

God gave her to me to raise. I know there are other mothers who are more patient and kind, more intelligent and resourceful. But in His infinite wisdom, He wanted ME to raise her. He must have His reasons, and even though I don't always understand them, I choose to believe that He has faith in me, imperfections and all.

I choose to lean on that fact right now…

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