Who's Awesome?

(Throwback Thursdays, where I share some of my favorite past posts.)

Ever had those days where you feel completely un-awesome? I do. I look around at my messy house, my riotous children (my youngest was running laps at the frozen yogurt place today), my hair in a bun for the fourth straight day, and I feel un-awesome.
It's easy to feel awesome when things are great, but it's during those other times that we need to remind ourselves what awesomeness really isn't and is.
Awesomeness isn't a perfectly clean house, perfectly obedient children, homemade meals every night made while we wear pearls and an apron in the kitchen. It isn't the size of our pants, the color of our skin or hair, or the length of our nails. Awesomeness can't be measured by money or things.
So, what is awesome, then? 
These things are Awesome: love, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, mercy, empathy, humility, patience, sacrifice, service, and love (yes, I said it twice, because love is doubly …

What's in Your Box?

(Repost Saturdays, where I share some of my favorite past posts)

I just finished a great book called Through His Eyes by Virginia H. Pierce. It was a great read.

The theme of the book is that we store in our heart and minds (what she calls the Belief Box) three things: Truths (with a capitol T), truths (small t), and untruths.

The Truths are those truths that are universal and eternal: I am a child of God. God loves me.

The truths are things that are true in different situations, culturally or circumstantially, depending upon the person, but have not eternal bearing: A clean house makes me a good homemaker. Having healthy homemade dinners on the table each night will bring my family closer together.

The untruths are things that are simply not true, but mask themselves as truth. These things are the most dangerous, because they are usually negative and damaging.

I know my Truths, and I love them. But, out of curiosity, I decided to make a list of the untruths floating around in my mind…

Look What You Made Me Do . . .

Look what you made me do.

No, not you Taylor. 


Lisa, look what you made me do.  

Because you did this.

You ran a 10k. Like, 6 miles in a row. At Disneyland.
Let me let you and my other friends out there in on a little secret: I do not love exercise.
My stasis is resting peacefully on a couch with my fingers on a book or keyboard. Not breathing heavy, sweating, hurting, running, pulling ropes, crunching, grunting, jumping, and all other unnatural things.
Over the years I've exercised here and there. I've joined and quit every gym in the area (there are only four.) I've bought and given away two treadmills and currently have a dusty exercise bike in my bedroom. I've even ran a couple 5Ks.
I haven't hated exercise. In fact, twice - yes, literally two times - in my life that I woke up early was excited to the gym. It. Was. So. Weird. 
But here's a secret: I'm turning 46 in one week. That means I'll be closer to 90 than to birth. I realize that I'…

Put the bat down

I've got to be honest here. (Though, I'm always honest in my writing.) I've been in a funk lately. A deep one. And it's been rough.

I drank a dangerous cocktail of lack of sleep, over-working, underperforming, unrealistic expectations, and summer without structure. Throw in a complete downstairs remodel, a wedding, and writer's block, and you've got a hot mess.

My oldest brother, Bob, came to visit for my son's wedding this past weekend and we got to talking. It's a tradition in our family to have long, deep discussions. When I was a teen, my father would pull us each aside for one of these long talks where he would delve into our innermost psyche. My four brothers and I lovingly dubbed it, "death by lecture," and often asked if a simple spanking was an option. It never was.

Now that we are parents ourselves, we inflict the same painful talks onto our children. We appreciate it now. They don't yet.

These talks aren't saved for our chil…

My kid hates me, and that's ok

So, this perfect mom thing. The other day I released my e-booklet, THE PERFECT MOM, about how we aren't perfect but we are perfect for our kids.

I want you to know that I really believe it.

Even today.

The day my thirteen-year-old hates me.

And honestly, right now, I'm not a fan of her either.

I had a talk with God today. More like, I talked at Him and gave Him my thoughts on everything (and perhaps complained a bit. Okay, a lot.) He didn't say much back. In part, I'm sure, because I didn't give Him time to. And, I'm sure, I wasn't in the right mood for answers.

But, here's my take away anyway.

God gave her to me to raise. I know there are other mothers who are more patient and kind, more intelligent and resourceful. But in His infinite wisdom, He wanted ME to raise her. He must have His reasons, and even though I don't always understand them, I choose to believe that He has faith in me, imperfections and all.

I choose to lean on that fact right no…

Be of good cheer

I hope you love Paul as much as I do, since there's gonna be a lot of him on the Salty Blog. Why? Because 1- he was awesome. 2- he's my Bible boyfriend (and before anyone gets mad about that, my husband knows and is totally cool with it.) and 3-he was awesome.

Pictured is one of my heart verses. These are verses in my scriptures that I just love, that touch my heart and change me for the better. It's Acts 27:25 " Wherefore sirs (and ladies), be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me."

Adding context: Paul had been tossed around on a ship for days in a dangerous storm so thick it blocked out the sun and stars. It was literally a dark time for them. Now, I get carsick on a windy road. I can't imagine how cold and sick and tired these people must have been. But we do know in verse 20 that they had lost all hope. 

You can take away my chocolate and it would
be a challenge, but you take away my hope and I'm finished.

Seeing their …

We are His