Only THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever

I'm all about things spiritual and wonderful. So, of course, I must write about cookies.
For those of you who know me, my addiction to chocolate is not a surprise.  Neither is my addiction to cookies. 
Need proof?

This is me when I was a young thing.   You couldn't pry the cookie from my hand,  even for a picture with my lovely mother.

This is my doorbell now. For reals. 

I talk about, laugh about, and eat copious amounts of chocolate. Especially cookies with chocolate in them. I have tried dozens of different recipes. I have made chewy, crispy, fat, and flat cookies.  And I have eaten them all.
Out of all my chocolate chip cookie recipes, this one is, by far, THE BEST. I found it on HERE, and  have made it three times this week alone. Not kidding.
If you want big, chewy, amazing cookies, then you must make these today. Do not wait. Make them, groan in delight, and whisper, "Thank you Michelle. Thank you."
Or you can just make them and eat them. :) 

You'll need:

To the friends of the offended and hurt in the church . . .

I am a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—the Mormons. Though there are some differences between us and other Christian religions, there are some similarities. One of them being the imperfect state of our members. I have heard a rising number of cases where members of my church, and other churches, were hurt or offended by members of their own congregations. There is bullying, judging, back-biting, gossip, misuse of authority, and more. These are tragedies. 
Within the walls of a church building there should be healing, not wounding.
I have not only heard their stories, but I am seeing more and more on social media the anger expressed by their friends and loves ones towards this growing trend. Though my heart aches for those who have been hurt, it is to those loved ones who are angry whom I wish to address today. Specifically, those members of my own church.
As our church grows in numbers, statistically-speaking, this will probably happen more. It’s not th…

The Love of God

A picture from my hike this morning. I love light. It’s my current choice of study. It’s powerful. Beautiful. 

See how it cuts through the trees, as if it’s holding nothing back trying to reach me? This is how I imagine the love of God. 
We sometimes get lost among the trees of distraction, sin, fear, shame, and self-doubt. Sometimes we are working through some really hard things and we feel we’ve lost our way, that the issues are towering over us and surround us. 
But, as Paul says, nothing can separate us from the love of God. It is more powerful than our issues and sins. And He will do all He can—bend around the issues, cut through the cracks in our armor of fear and doubt—to reach us. We simply need to choose to see it and feel it, and accept it. 
It’s ok that you have doubt and fear and heartache, because He is stronger than all of that, and can and will give you the light and love and strength you need to make it out into the open again.

When You Don't Love Your Child