Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Experience of Gratitude

Despite what this may seem like, this is actually a happy post. 😊
Not gonna lie. It’s been a rough week but things are looking up.
Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: Michelle Wilson, closeupLast Wednesday I had a cracked tooth extracted after fighting an infection in it for a over a month. There’s still pain and residual swelling (plus stitches). Then, this Wednesday I was bitten by a cat on my hand. It became infected despite the antibiotics I’m on for my tooth. The infection quickly crawled up my arm. I was admitted to the hospital and put on IV antibiotics. The meds were able to get me out of the danger zone, so I was able to come home last night. Yay for me! I’ll continue IV antibiotics as an outpatient until I’m better. So, all is well.
Still, it’s hard. I still hurt. I’m still a little nervous. I’m still tired physically and emotionally.
But there is more good here than bad, for which I’m grateful.

There’s definitely value in feeling gratitude and appreciation. 
But without expressing it someway, 
gratitude seems more of an observation than an experience.

For me, the question isn’t whether the cup is half empty or half full. The question is, which flavor of shake is in that cup and where’s my straw because it’s not going to waste.
In that light, I’m going to express gratitude for just a few of the many good things the past little while.
I’m so grateful for my family. I’m grateful to live in this time of modern medicine. I’m grateful for good friends. I’m grateful for prayer. I’m grateful my laptop has voice to text so I could still write 2,500 new NaNo words. (not gonna lie, with voice to text and pain killers, about 2000 of those words are nonsensical crap. But they still count.) I’m grateful for pain medicine. I’m (almost) grateful for hospital food. I’m grateful for the wonderful ER nurse that made me feel at ease. I’m grateful for baggy hospital pants and unlimited ice cream. I’m grateful AMC ran an all-day Hunger Games marathon yesterday; It made my problems feel small compared to Catniss, who spent the entire day fighting, crying, pondering, or yelling while somehow maintaining a shallow character arc. I’m grateful for ice packs and chapstick and chocolate. I’m grateful for some quiet time where people brought me food and warm blankets. I’m grateful for an adjustable bed. It was magical. I’m grateful for socks with sticky bottoms. I’m grateful for the sweet music that played in the hallway every time a baby was born; It reminded me of the miracle of life. I’m grateful for people to dedicate their life to helping other people in the medical field.
And most of all, I’m grateful I’m home. It was a close call.
There still a ways to go, but right now I’m off for my first outpatient IV treatment this morning with a grateful heart and I smile on my face ( Which, by the way, is 95% back to normal. And, the swelling in my hand has gone down as well.)
There are a few pictures in the comments for you weirdos that like pictures of that sort of thing.
Now go and be grateful. And don’t just feel grateful, express your gratitude someway. 

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