Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Be of good cheer

I hope you love Paul as much as I do, since there's gonna be a lot of him on the Salty Blog. Why? Because 1- he was awesome. 2- he's my Bible boyfriend (and before anyone gets mad about that, my husband knows and is totally cool with it.) and 3-he was awesome.

Pictured is one of my heart verses. These are verses in my scriptures that I just love, that touch my heart and change me for the better. It's Acts 27:25 " Wherefore sirs (and ladies), be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me."

Adding context: Paul had been tossed around on a ship for days in a dangerous storm so thick it blocked out the sun and stars. It was literally a dark time for them. Now, I get carsick on a windy road. I can't imagine how cold and sick and tired these people must have been. But we do know in verse 20 that they had lost all hope. 

You can take away my chocolate and it would
be a challenge, but you take away my hope and I'm finished.

Seeing their hopelessness, Paul stands in the midst of them to give them an awesome pep talk. He was inspiring as shared a visit from an angel promising their safe arrival. 

Then comes verse 25. Paul is on the swaying ship in the middle of a storm, with fear-filled eyes on him, and said, ". . . Be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me."


To stand up for the same God that is causing the storm. 
That. Is. Faith. 

To tell his shipmates to be of good cheer when the storm that's raging. 

That. Is. Faith. 

Paul received an answer. He trusted that it would come to pass. That. Is. Faith. 

If you're going through a stormy season of life right, listen to God. Listen and believe. Be of good cheer!God has promised He will watch over us. As we steer our ships to the best of our abilities, let us be of good cheer!

Trust that He has a plan for a you. He has a purpose for you. And if you continue to exercise your faith in Him, other blessings will flow. The storm will calm eventually. The clouds will part and the sun will return. 

So, have faith in Him today- right now. Because He has faith in you. And most of all, be of good cheer!

Have a great day in Him, my friends!

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